We understand how overwhelming it can be to find the right plan for your ministry.

You want a low cost plan that is market driven with easy administration and great support from a company that cares about you.

Over 25,000
Investment Options

Everyone can Invest Well

Envoy's Open Architecture Platform offers access to a “total universe” of investment products from some of the largest and well known fund families.


Save Time and Reduce Stress

Envoy takes care of all your retirement plan needs including record keeping and all the requirements of a third-party administrator.


Increase Participation

Envoy uses a short series of emails to encourage and guide your staff to enroll. The entire enrollment process is quick, online, and interactive. Everyone has a personalized experience guided by video hosts to determine their individual retirement needs, risk tolerance, investments, and contribution amounts.

Education + Support

FREE Access to Tools, Advisors, and More

Envoy offers one-on-one professional, friendly support and 24/7 access to an online Help Center for both plan administrators and staff. With a wide range of educational resources, Envoy provides investment knowledge and confidence that encourages participation and wise actions.


Simple Process to Launching a New Plan



Design Your Plan

Use Envoy’s exclusive online Retirement Plan Builder to create a plan proposal tailored to your specific needs.


Present to Leadership

Envoy provides you with guidance, support, and collateral to present your new plan proposal to your team.


Introduce to Staff

Lastly, Envoy will walk you through each stage to swiftly implement your new plan including introducing it to staff.